Welcome to John Green is overrated. I am your host, Count Flaunteroy. I am a lover of True Books and Good Taste.

I have established this blog in order to foment a revolution against “author” John Green and his brother and partner, Hank Green. Both of these bespectacled nimrods have cast a long shadow over Youtube. John Green, in particular, manages to make an annoyance of himself through his “successful literary career.”

A Known Windbag of this Parish

A Known Windbag of this Parish

Hank Green, a self-proclaimed “ecogeek” and healer of worlds, manages to promote the enterprise mostly through folk music and low quality cross-dressing. This makes him the more redeemable of the pair, though obviously the standards we are working with are quite low.

Possibly the Smarter of the Two

Possibly the Smarter of the Two

The Brothers Green have primarily made themselves known through things like: drinking blenderized Happy Meals, talking to themselves at airports, eating Peeps until they throw up, and answering many questions in keening, unmanly voices. John Green has attempted to justify all of this by occasionally reading some Literature of Quality–but, of course, you can put a pair of pants on a monkey, but it is still a monkey.

Have we sunk so low that these are our cultural heroes? How long, my Lord, how long?

It ends today, and the first battle will be fought here. Won’t you join me . . . in the name of literature, in the name of taste, and in the name of all that is good?

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  1. Really?

    Kids are barely reading as it is today, what with high speen internet and the works. For the love of reading, you could at least condone him for inspiring a generation.

  2. obvious troll is VERY obvious

    • I second this statement

  3. I am so offended. Like, beyond belief. Really. OUTRAGE.

  4. How can you call an author that has won numerous awards (like the Printz Honor and Edgar Award), as well as a person who inspires many to read and embrace their nerdiness, overrated? You say you’re a lover of “true books and good taste.” I’m curious as to what you consider “true books.” Are not all books books? Or are you a fan of the eugenically-based mindset that not all humans are humans? Honestly, I feel like this is worse than judging a book by its cover. I am proud to say that these two are my “cultural heroes.” Or I suppose I could find a new “cultural hero.” How do Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, and Kim Kardashian sound to you?

    • ❀

      Well said

      • If you even read his books you would know good liturature. Though he may not be JK Rowling or JRR Tolken he is an excellent author and he is encouraging brains over braun. The organization has brought about huge donations to charities and national awareness to pressing issues of our time.

      • You sir/madam are made of epic and awesome

    • James Patterson won an Edgar Award and he wipes his butt with a piece of paper and calls it a thriller, so awards do not a good author make. As for the charge that Green is overrated, I absolutely agree. He wrote a wonderful first book “Looking for Alaska” then he wrote “An Abundance of Katherines” aka Looking for Alaska 2 (the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or possibly the guilty). Then I can just see the wheels turning in Green’s head: “what if Alaska didn’t die” boom, more name changes and “Paper Towns” is born (lovingly referred to as Looking for Alaska 3).

      John Green is just like Weezer, they have a formula for making hits, change a few chords and bam new album. And before you get started I love Weezer and I love John Green but to disagree with the fact that they’re both overrated, I cannot.

      Look at Laurie Halse-Anderson or M.T. Anderson you never know what’s coming next (admittedly I am a bit heavy on the Andersons) and I believe the deserve every accolade they get.

      And of course not all humans are humans, haven’t you ever seen V or read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” Both clearly works of non-fiction where some humans are actually lizard people and other humans are more human than human, huh, bet you didn’t think of that.

    • You’re bad at this.

      • No, no, no I’m good at this. The one-post blog is obviously written either by one of the brothers Green or a big fan. I just thought actual criticism would be better than one of these other asshats who defend John in what seems like another piece of self promotion (not that there is anything wrong with that, no love like self love). Wait I think that applies to masturbation…or am I thinking of mastication…mmm mastication, I’m hungry.

        Then again you may not be talking to me but rather are unawares of the reply structure of a blog. As for the belief that the “Quentin” theme is symbolic, I say pshaw, now if it was in the Black Santa theme you might be on to something.

  5. Guys, this is very clearly a awesome joke. Play along!

    • “A awesome joke”

      just like your grammar?

    • You know, I couldn’t get through this without thinking it was a joke.

  6. Most of what you said is true, which is why we love them.

    • Yes! “Answering many questions in keening, unmanly voices”… um hi! I love that most!

  7. Oh wow… um… wasnt lord fauntleroy a boy who looked like a 10 year old GIRL? and you have the audacity to say that they speak in unmanly voices? what exactly MAKES a voice unmanly? I could speak in a low voice… does that make my voice un-womanly? i’ve stated my feelings…

  8. I think I love you. I shall be following this blog. May even get a wordpress account…

    I look forward to your next post πŸ™‚

    • the use of “bespectacled nimrods” is rather hard to resist.

      • I personally liked “keening, unmanly voices”. Hilarious!

      • That one was my favorite as well.

      • That’s the part that got me. This is hilarious. ❀

    • WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re just trying to get attention. It is virtually impossible not to love John and Hank!

  9. I’m really curious; why is that you are against John and Hank? I understand if you weren’t a big fan of his books, but to start a blog for the soul purpose of trash talking them, thats low. Also, its pointless because when it comes to John and Hank people are divided into two groups. Nerdfighters and Decepticons.

    Nerdfighters are the people in which you have already met from the other comments (oh and there will definatly be more. One thing about nerdfighters, if you insult one of us, you insult us all).

    Depticons are the people against John and Hank, like yourself, but this blog is still pointless because the Decpticons already agree with you.

    So once again I ask you, why did you feel the need to post this blog? Is it purely for you to get your thoughts on paper, if thats the case then fine. Or are you trying to sway us from are loyal stance behind John and Hank? If this is the case then I feel obligated to tell you; Nerdfighters never die!

    • I am neither a Nerdfighters nor a Decepticons. The first post is well-written, and if you add posts of quality, perhaps I will follow.

    the vlog bros. are awesome

    • HERE HERE!

  11. John Green is a fantastic author.
    I have read, treasure and own Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, AND Let it snow. and the vlogbrother vids are made of awesome. You on the other hand are contributing suck to the world. John&Hank FTW.

  12. Does anyone else find it ironic that the layout theme for this blog is ‘Quentin’?

    • I noticed that too. Quite clever. πŸ˜‰

    • Hm…fishy

    • Hahaha xD

  13. THIS IS GREAT! I thought only Miley Cyrus had hateblogs. This must mean they’re really famous now. Good for them!

    Oh and by the way… fuck you! Nerdfighters are awesome.

  14. I love the picture of Hank in the tomato πŸ˜›

    • I have it as my Desktop Picture πŸ˜€

  15. “but, of course, you can put a pair of pants on a monkey, but it is still a monkey.”

    *sings* All wer are is monkeys with pants.. Monkeys with pants.. Monkeys with pants… xD

    • or better yet: no pants at all!
      #nopants oh man! this isn’t twitter?

    • EXACTLY. XD Stole my comment. “From every corner of the world, from Australia to France…”

  16. “You speak an infinite deal of nothing” (The Merchant of Venice)

    • Shakespearean insults! Gotta love ’em!

  17. Wow, this made me laugh. I love the brothers Green πŸ˜€
    Seriously though, you’re not doing a very good job of taking them down. You just pointed out all their little idiosyncrasies that make us love them…
    Also, I’m a little fuzzy on what a “true book” is… You weren’t very clear on it

  18. …people…

    This is clearly a “Modest Proposal”-esque piece…in other words SATIRE.

    It’s not honest, as is evidenced by the very Brothers Green tone. It was probably created as a way to make people laugh, not make people upset–hence the listing of all the reasons we love them.

    • Agreed. I thought it was a very clever roast, and FUNNY!

      And since when do Nerdfighters use rebuttals like “f*ck you” and “you f*cking suck”? If you are going to take it seriously and get all hot under the collar, at least do it nerd style.
      (obviously, 10 points for the person who quoted Merchant of Venice)

      • Yeah really, what happened to Shakespearean insults? AND tomato Hank made my day!

  19. @ veyvey:

    Also, the designer of the theme has a blog name which is an anagram.

    If this isn’t satire, some of our comments will really be pissing this guy off right now. Haha!

  20. “all we are is monkeys with pants… monkeys with pants…” :]

    • All we are is monkeys with pants…in my pants.

  21. You are my hero. HILARIOUS.

  22. Have you even READ anything written by John Green??? He’s actually trying to get profound, worthwhile, real-life ideas out there. Socity should be turning its attention TO people like this, not away. Instead, teenagers read pointless things with themes that, while true, are weak. So drop the vampire love story and pick up Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska. This is real life, bitches.

  23. Society*

  24. You are simply not telling the whole truth. Yes John and Hank may do silly things, but they are incredibly caring, kind, and intelligent people. They have raised thousands of dollars for charities and inspired people to help in their communities.
    John’s books are amazing, inspiring, and force teens to think criticaly about some of life’s hardest questions. They are comical but they truly have deep intellectual meaning. They explore different scenarios and are amazing reads.
    I think that this site is just a joke, or something created to get a reaction out of people. If you truly don’t like John, Hank, or John’s books than you are blindingly closed minded.

    Clearly Thou is a vain tickle-brained strumpet!

  25. Thou clouted doghearted bugbear!
    I can only gess what books you like, Twilight for instance, and what store you shop at, abracrobie. my question to you is have you read Looking for Alaska, because it is one of the best books I have read along with John’s other books and I don’t say I like a book because it’s popular, I like books with a good plot and a brilliant ending. Hank it trying to save the world from people who just have to have a hummer because it’s a gient planet killer so don’t say bad stuff about him. What I’m trying to say is don’t judge a book by it’s cover or people by how they act. Nerdfighters are people who don’t judge you and make fun of you because you are dorky in fact you can find people who are dorkyer then you and John and Hank started it. I have made some amazing friends through nerdfighters and have actually leard some amazing stuff from the vlogbrothers. And you know what people who say things are over rated are over rated. go piss up a flagpole attend to your websites hating on Miley Cyrus and The Jonas brothers because they are popular therefore you need to say how much you hate them even though all the reasons you state are the reasons people love them and leave the vlogbrothers alone. O.K. good
    Nerdfighters… DFTBA
    p.s. if you want to say how much you don’t like someone don’t write that they are a nimrods

  26. Hence, horrible villain, or I’ll spurn thine eyes like balls before me; I’ll unhair thy head, Thou shalt be whipp’d with wire, and stew’d’in brine, smarting in lingering pickle. (From Antony and Cleopatra)

    That being said, LOL!

  27. I commend your judgment of these two charlatans. Ignore the babyish, overreacting nerdfighters, who have nothing better to do with their time than defend the idiots whose cocks they pathetically enjoy licking. I’m glad to have finally found another who despises the Green brothers. For future blogs, please regale us with your thoughts on one Quantum Tuba, who is treated to similar fellatio as the Green brothers.

  28. Obvious troll is VERY FUCKING OBVIOUS.

  29. Clearly you forgot to be awesome. You should have that checked out – you may be ill.

    I’m not going to say you have to like the vlogbrothers or be a Nerdfighter but this whole thing is just so petty. If you don’t like them, don’t watch. I won’t make you.

  30. Hahahaha if this is meant to be mean, it’s coming off as incredibly endearing – the kind of website I’d create to make fun of someone I love.

  31. BOO.

  32. Hahahahahahahahahha xD This gave me quite a giggle. Thanks for that. Ahh, I love the Green brothers.

  33. Obviously blog is created by JG himself, so he can read all the great rallying comments supporting him, because he doesn’t think of himself highly enough.

  34. You know the great thing about Youtube. You can choose what you watch. If you don’t like the Green brothers, then well DON’T WATCH. What they are doing on Youtube is no different then what every other person in the world is doing. Youtube was not made for constantly spreading intelligent information. The fact that the Green Brothers are using Youtube to spread intelligence at the same time be goofy, is amazing. If you don’t like John’s books, then don’t read them. Leave these things for the people who enjoy them. And don’t criticize the people who enjoy them because I bet there are many things in your life that you can be criticized for.

  35. you’re certainly welcome to your opinion, thou elvish-mark’d, abortive, rooting hog. and you even made me laugh a little bit. but come on. these guys started a movement, pretty much, that encouraged scholarship, creativity, critical thinking, and positivity (for the most part) in young people all over the world. regardless of what you think of john’s writing (which is fantastic) or hank’s energy-saving efforts (which is incredible) isn’t THAT worth some mention?

    anyway, this just proves how far they’ve come. congratulations to john and hank.


    So you have an opinion about a certain author. Good for you. If everyone liked what everyone else likes, this world would suck and Nerdfighters wouldn’t be special.

    And there is definitely something peculiar about the theme for the blog called ‘Quentin’

  37. I don’t know which is funnier–your post, or the insane outrage that has ensued.

    I love John & Hank, but got burned out on them a while ago. Still fantastic, funny human beings…
    …but possibly a little overrated, you’re right.

  38. Scott, I love you!! “So drop the vampire love story and pick up Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska.” I mean, seriously, John asked my niece if her name was a palindrome instead of just asking how to spell it. How do you not like people who ask questions like that? He’s amazing, and so is Hank!!

  39. Really? I mean honestly? It doesn’t matter if this was serious or not, come on Nerdfighters. We’re better than petty insults and lolcat speech. We needs to drop insults like Nerdfighters, if we’re going to insult at all.
    So you sir, yes the blog writer, you are a carcass fit for hounds.
    (That’s a burn)

  40. @realjohngreen tweeted this blog.

  41. Lol I would just like to say your very wrong, how can you hate them both? they inspire you to read again and use our brains, to think critically and to not be ashamed of being very intellectual. In my opinion i would say your very jealous of them, obviously judging by this page, you wasted a good amount of time setting up this hateful page when you could of been out there doing something productive with your life.

    Only hate stems from jealousy. They inspired me to read again because for a while i stopped but i’d like to thank them personally for getting me into reading good books again, John especially, if you haven’t read his books, i suggest you do before judging him or his brother Hank, John writes about real life things, the mysteries of love, life and of being human and of how we miss imagine each other, there is valuable life lessons in those books.

    To inspire teens and other people to learn is an incredibly AWESOME! thing, not like hardly anyone else will do it these days, they rot their brains away reading pointless things on computer screens and sitting on their ass all day not using their brains.

  42. The “Blogroll” categories made me choke on my juice from laughing so hard.

    However, I feel like you could have made the article slightly more over-the-top. If I’m not mentally reading it in a pompous voice, you’re not doing your job right.

  43. “Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth.” (Hamlet)

    “Come, come, you talk greasily; your lips grow foul.” (Love’s Labour’s Lost)

    Because Shakespeare is how Nerdfighters drop insults.

  44. If this is a joke, and you’re kidding, it’s quite funny. But if you’re being serious, then really? Why would you do that? That’s just plain silly.

  45. I read his books and enjoyed them. Really that’s all I look for in a book – enjoyment. I’m not here to defend the guy by saying how great he is but I will say he puts out decent stuff. I’m not that big a fan of his brother, at first I thought he was funny but now he’s kind of annoying.

    Maybe you’re just upset because people know who he is and don’t know who you are?

  46. Looks like you got John Green’s attention:

  47. WAY TO BE NOTSOME. not jokes at all.

    dftba, sir. (you obviously have)

  48. I like their Voices!!

    And are we not all Monkeys in Pants?

  49. Hahahahaha. This was actually pretty funny.

    One point: Why put the word author in quote marks? “Author” John Green? He’s been a fucking NY Times Bestseller, Edgar Award winner and many other prizes … nobody can deny that he’s an actual author, no quotes needed. You’re an idiot.


    It saddens me how many Nerdfighters cannot correctly identify a joke/troll when they see one. What are we, if we are not literary and sarcastic? πŸ˜€

    So here’s the dish, dude. Your satire is mildly funny, but more-so obviously for attention. In which case — I salute you!! You got john to mention you in a twitter post! *sigh* We all dream to obtain so much…

    ^that was sarcasm! Lesson one complete.

  51. GOD! i KNOW. Making hilarious 4-minute videos every week? So two years ago. And inspiring me to READ? I feel tricked and betrayed, like some kind of voodoo. And informing me on global issues? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? This is clearly some group made for nerdy awesome people.

  52. This is AMAZING. Viva la RevoluciΓ³n!

  53. In the name of all that is good? Name me some other young adult author who better connects to his readers. Explain to us what exactly a true book is? Non fiction? Your reasons for disliking these men are absurd. You speak of good taste, yet you’re the one who created a blog whose sole purpose is to spread hate. I’m shocked and amused by this attempt to discredit the vlogbrothers in any way shape or form. Yes they make web videos that entertain us and make us laugh and come together with common interests. Yes they can be outwardly ridiculous. But they are made of awesome. And that is what truly matters.

  54. Obvious troll is pretty obvious, but even so . . .

    You starvelling, you eel-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, you bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish- O for breath to utter what is like thee! -you tailor’s-yard, you sheath, you bow-case, you vile standing tuck! Were I like thee I’d throw away myself.

  55. not funny

  56. Ah, after reading these comments I finally see the light.
    Yes, I must condone John Green for using high speen internet to try to get profound ideas out there to the monkeys and depticons alike.
    Indeed, it is virtually impossible not to love those bespectacled nimrods.

    But Justin Timberlake is about to overtake John in Twitter followers…

  57. Oh kay.
    This can’t possibly be serious.
    1. Who would even think that they could take on the nerdfighters XD
    2.It’s just hilarious. Everything you mentioned that you didn’t like about the vlogbros is clearly what makes them so awesome.

  58. Hey I’m not that mad at this person I mean he/she or shim if you will is basically giving John and Hank more viewers and reader because these people that read are going to be curious about what the brothers Green do.

    Right on blast the brothers Green on the internet you are only helping their fame and in my eyes thats not a bad thing because these guys are MADE OF AWESOME.

    Much Love and DFTBA


  59. Just wondering which vlog brother wrote this blog… or was it the yeti?!

    • HAD to be the Yeti…or The Katherine. Haha the possibilities are ENDLESS. It could even be the mysterious mommy, Sydney Green… ?

  60. Some-bo-dy’s jeaaaaaalous!

  61. At least his book make kids want to read. That is hard to do in this day and age. So go John Green. Not to mention the awards John has won. He must be doing something right.

  62. WHY would you put pants on a monkey???? #nopants

  63. This is obviously a joke.

    Either way, it is quite funny.

  64. You are two things: obviously joking, and possibly one of the Green brothers. I refuse to believe this is real on the following grounds: this is too nerdy-sounding to be written by someone who is not a Nerdfighter, and if such things were serious, they would be far too large a fail to exist.
    People who failed: Mikyle, person, and dead group walking (even if they were just playing along, INAPPROPRIATE).

  65. Maybe it’s cause I just follow his vlog and haven’t read his books that I’m able to see this for what it is. Funny. Hahahaha

  66. Oh yeah. Totally overrated. What a shame he has thousands of high school kidding talking about READING. Who needs him? And his stupid geeky ecologically-correct brother?

  67. #1. This is hilarious.
    #2. It’s obvious that the person(s) who wrote this is/are actually fans of the Green brothers. They have many references to past videos, etc., that a true fan could only know.

  68. Dear Sir/Madame.
    You just got Edgar Allan Pwned!
    A Nerdfighter can beat a ninja, hence; they can beat you. John and Hank Green are my personal heroes as they embody everything that is good; reading, accepting yourself and others for who they are, ecological awareness and FUN!
    I am proud to say DFTBA!
    have a pleasant day.

  69. Finally!

    A voice of reason emerges from the wilds of the internet’s virtual Gomorrah. Just last night, while lazing over some of the finer passages of prose of the late Sir F.W. Dixon, I exclaimed to myself, “Self, where lurks the Chester Morton of our generation? Surely not among the likes of Lara Buterskaya! O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason!”

  70. Guys, it’s a joke…I’m sure the Brothers Green appeciate that you’re so loyal and willing to defend them, but take it easy.

    “drinking blenderized Happy Meals, talking to themselves at airports, eating Peeps until they throw up” – haha, I must admit, when you list it like that it does sound like we’re watching some kind of schizophrenic who stumbled upon a camera

  71. This is a joke, right? I really hope this is a joke. It must be?!

    Hm, but not a very fun one.

  72. In the honor of John’s part of Let It Snow: you, are an asshat.

  73. In honour of JP from Let It Snow: You, are an asshat.

  74. I am shocked by the number of people that have commented this, not understanding it’s a joke.
    Oh, people and their inability to understand sarcasm…
    Also, this was hilarous.

  75. I really hope you are kidding.
    If you aren’t, then you are perhaps the most lame person I’ve ever met. Get a life, stop insulting nerds, you’ll be working for us someday (if you aren’t already).
    I would say DFTBA, but it seems you’ve already forgotten to.

  76. Really? I can’t tell if this guy’s being serious or not. I mean, REALLY? Have you even read his books? If you had (and gone through more than three pages,) you would very well know that John puts quite a lot of class and thought into his books. Maybe not the best common morals, but things like not idolizing someone (Alaska) or seeing people as windows into yourself (Paper Towns) or that being your nerdy self is okay because, in the end, all anybody else would want is to MATTER (Katherines). Can you judge the man by his “personal life”? Can you claim to be a Better Person because you read Moby Dick (in your pants) and not things with an actual moral? Captain Ahab goes insane over a whale. Wooptie-freakin-do. I could go whale-watching if I wanted to. But I don’t. I would rather know the important tings about life and love most people don’t figure out. John’s a REALLY smart guy, you have to give him credit. Would YOU have ever been able to improvise any kind of material on-the-spot? HE does. Why don’t you, Mr. Better Person in All Greatness? And, on the issue of Hank, where the hell do YOU get off saying anything about him either? Once again, so what he’s goofy and immature; he’s only 29! It’s AMAZING all he and Johnhave done for the world! Ever heard of the Project for Awesome? They made it, and they raised thousands of dollars for charities worldwide! What have you done?
    Just a word of warning, if you mess with John and/or Hank, you’re messing with the Nerdfighters.And “FIGHT” is in the name.
    Best Wishes! πŸ˜€

    • Moby Dick matters.

      • Sure, in the same sense that car manuals matter. Nobody REALLY reads them, they just claim to (on occassion) and ussually don’t understand a word of it. Beaver dam, out of line again! I’m sorry. Really. I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I just picked Moby Dick because it was the first “classic” kind of book I could think of.
        I’m gonna go out of line just one more time and say that yes, this very well may be a joke, but has aybody not seen Twilight-haters (for example) who are well-briefed on the material? Just saying. Not trying to start anything. Sorry, just had to get it out.

  77. I’ll assume it’s all a joke and laugh.

  78. Congratulations! Because of this post, you have been awarded the PAIN IN THE ASS SEAL OF APPROVAL!

  79. “Will you join me…” UH, NOOOOOO!!!! How pathetico to be a nerdhater like you. Have you read John Green’s books? They’re actually quite insightful and beautiful, and deserving of every award they win. I, unlike you, NFTBA!! Thank you, for increasing worldsuck with this attempted revolution of yours.

  80. 1) I really hope this is a joke. And if it is, it’s brilliant and I tip my metaphorical hat to you.
    2) If it’s not, then yes, in houour of JP: You, are an asshat who clearly forgot to be awesome and you are increasing world suck. So just stop it already.
    3) Am I the only one who’s noticed that the theme for this blog is called ‘Quentin’? Just sayin’…

  81. ahahahaha. Yes, major asshat.
    I was trying to figure out what book that was from last week XD

  82. Wow… you just got double asshatted. I would also like to say
    Thou feculent, muttonheaded, fiendish swine. YOU were probably the cause of oinkbarf.
    And, finally, this was really funny and I hope you are enjoying the comments.

  83. If this is NOT a joke, you are a true ass. Hat.

  84. Lemme point out this: Hank and John Green have HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of followers, on Youtube, the Ning, Twitter, and their own websites.. You have 80 comments on a blog… Who is the winner here?

  85. OK, about 2/3rd of the commenters above must attend a Sarcasm Remedial Class this summer.

  86. xDD LAWLZ. You’s a silleh. :3 You just made them even MORE famous! THANK YOU! Now we can gather more Nerdfighters.

    We owe you. Have a good day, sir~.


  87. Lame.

    If it’s a joke. Funny.

    If not. You suck.

    John Green is amazing. Hank is too.

  88. I love the picture of Hank, it is amazing.

  89. Nerdfighters FTW!!!

    Decreasing worldsuck one ignorant evil baby at a time

    DFTBA πŸ™‚

  90. Obvious troll is very obvious.

    Regardless of this methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.

  91. LOL ❀

  92. Dear Nerdfighters:


    First, do you not understand a joke?

    Second, even if this is not a troll (very unlikely), at least they’re up front about why they dislike them and aren’t stupid about it.

    Third, what is up with all the swearing and dumb “you’re wrong, John and Hank are the best!” comments. That proves nothing.

    Seriously, I’m disappointed in you guys. You can do so much better.

  93. Okay, well I like John Green and don’t agree with much of this post. However, what I find most amusing of all is most of your reactions. It’s kind of hilarious how pissed off a lot of you got. As if there wasn’s such a thing as free speech or getting to have your own opinion. If this obvious joke angers you that much then why even waste your time long enough to stick around and leave a comment?

  94. This is hilarious! Love the links in the sidebar.

    I just can’t believe how many nerdfighters here apparently have no sense of humor. And good job to those telling off what is obviously a giant vlogbrother fan with “asshat” and “fuck you.” Brilliant. I doubt I could articulate anything more succinct, really.

  95. Okay, I’ll admit that I was out of line, even if this WAS a joke. Which had better been, albeit a rather horrible one for the horribly sadistic who like to watch people squirm. So, I do sincerely apologize to both you, the writer of this blog, and to the gods of humor, who are shaking their heads in disgust right now.

  96. I almost choked on my sucker (which I am eating because it’s finals week and I NEED sugar and I need it NOW!).

    I loved the pictures of them.

    John and Hank are amazing.

  97. Joke or not, this is still extremely funny and might have possibly made my day πŸ˜€

  98. Joe-nan the Librarian,

    Why would you post a spoiler? Poorly done, sir, poorly done.

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